Patients & Survivors

Children are the true heroes and heroines in this battle with cancer and we are all touched by their bravery and perseverance.

What Parents and Patients can do…
The Adopt a Pig program is looking for help from children and their families who are in this fight together.  This program is dependent on the very personal touch of each patient but we hope that each patient will also experience something when they paint their pig.    Piggy banks will be provided by Adopt a Pig and we ask that after one or more pigs are painted (patients can paint as many pigs as they want) they be returned to Adopt a Pig.  Pigs will then be put up for adoption and will be purchased by a caring sponsor.  Care Tags affixed to each pig will display the first name of the artist and their age, connecting their adoptive parents to the artist, however, no additional patient information will be shared.   

If you would like to support this program by painting a pig for adoption, please contact Adopt a Pig.  All adoption proceeds and donations after adoption will directly benefit  children and families affected by cancer.

“No one is prepared to hear the words, ‘Your child has cancer…’ A family faced with the news of a cancer diagnosis doesn’t know what to expect for the next few days, months or even years. Families don’t have to reach out for help every time they need something unexpected. Instead, they reach into a Coping Kit.”

Rob Amand, co-founder of Adopt a Pig

“We can’t thank you enough for the coping kit. It was truly an amazing gift to us, just when we needed it. And I have to say, Savannah, at age 3, knows more about the iPad than the rest of the family does. ☺ She loves it (as do we)!!! Your organization is making a huge impact on families lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I also wanted to let you know about the joy Adopt a Pig is bringing into the lives of our patients. I was present when one of our recently diagnosed teenagers got her new bag. It was fantastic!! She loved opening up everything and when she saw the iPad she started to cry and said she wanted one so very much. I am now seeing the bags appear in clinic for every visit for all of the families who received them. The bags are loaded down with the day’s worth of survival needs for a clinic visit stay. The lunch bags come with meds they need to bring to the clinic. Thank you so much for bringing this joy to the children and families.”

“I have only received good feedback from my patient. She absolutely loved the iPad and set it up that night. Her mom told me how impressed she was by the gift card values and the patient said she can use them for ‘fun stuff!’”








Adopt a Pig to help a child with cancer
In 13 hours alone, 75 piggy banks have been adopted...