About Adopt A Pig

Adopt a Pig is a program designed to help children and their families cope as they face their greatest challenge, fighting cancer.  Proceeds benefit a variety of support services and coping mechanisms for patients and their families.

How the program works

  1. Pediatric cancer patients and survivors paint and decorate piggy banks.
  2. Sponsors adopt the piggy banks for an initial $25 fee and begin collecting donations.
  3. When each bank is full, the change inside is counted and a check is sent to Adopt a Pig.  Sponsors keep the piggy bank as a personal reminder of a child’s fight against cancer.

The beginnings of Adopt a Pig

The Adopt a Pig program began in April 2005 when a father and daughter painted their first piggy bank shortly after learning of her cancer diagnosis. The piggy bank was a craft that they shared during those first frightening days together when she started her chemotherapy treatments. This project was initially a distraction for their family, but later transformed into a source of therapy, all while marking the beginning of their journey together.

Adopt a Pig is a 100% volunteer organization and Adopt a 501 (c)(3) public charity.

The Program focus on coping and two specific services

  1. Art Therapy

    Adopt a Pig provides art supplies and piggy banks to the area children's hospitals, oncology clinics and summer camps. Kids going through cancer treatment have painted thousands of Piggy banks in the region.

  2. Coping Kits
    Adopt A Pig Coping Kits

    What is a Coping Kit? Designed to serve as a care package in the form of a large tote bag, a Coping Kit contains items necessary to aid in the physical, emotional, and financial struggle that takes place from the time of pediatric cancer diagnosis and beyond. A Coping Kit is presented to a family shortly following the news of a child's diagnosis.

Adopt a Pig to help a child with cancer
In 13 hours alone, 75 piggy banks have been adopted...